Mobile App Development


Mayday is a cross-platform mobile application that provides an easy user interface for finding blood and charity donors at any time.

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Whether in real life or on social media, we have seen many people begging others to share a message requesting urgent blood units.


The need of blood is in a continuous increase. Some people are dying waiting for a unit of blood, while there are many people actually willing to donate. Being aware of such an issue is indeed a blessing that we should work on.





We decided to take part in changing the way people find blood donors by creating a mobile application that links the people in need with real life heroes who are willing to donate.


The created mobile application automates and facilitates the process and is concerned in blood and charity donations equally. It provides a notification system to inform the donors in real time when a request is posted.


Moreover, the application is easy to use and the registration process is fast and minimal. It focuses on linking the users with each other. In addition to the previously mentioned, organizations can use our application to request donations on behalf of the people they are taking care of.

To ensure that the application can be widely used among all citizens, we created a hybrid mobile application using Cordova, which is a cross-platform application that operates on Android, iOS, Windows Phone and Blackberry OS.

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Mobile App Development

During the creation of the application, the project went through different stages in order to attain a clear cut of our assigned goals. We started by gathering the information about the problem and its current solutions, then designed the application, developed it, and tested it. The application will soon be published in its ios and Android versions.