Website Design & Development

Millimeter Pro

They use moving images rather than joint letters. Taking the challenge to demonstrate their identity in a website made us learn that the feeling of things can make it all clear and simple.

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Millimeter Pro is a production house based in Beirut that has always believed that its team’s love for filming and, to an even stronger extent, their love for the people they work with, is the principle around which the company’s philosophy should pivot.


For a company with a strong grasp of where it stands, our challenge was to simplify its online platform, to create a clarified identity system, and form a flagship rental experience.




We worked alongside the team at Millimeter Pro to establish a strategy aligned with the company’s ambition and their audience’s desires. From identity and messaging to the digital platform and content within it, we brought their personality forward to establish an experience that expresses their company’s point-of-view: “Limit, does not exist.”


In doing so, we created a modern website where potential customers can view the company’s work and browse the products that they offer for rent.


Visual social media posts

Consistency is a key for recognition. We implemented the company’s traditional logo and its branding guidelines for all of the social media pictures and created catchy visual graphics. We wanted to help them reach their target that is reaching the highest number of people possible.



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Website Design & Development

We helped them express themselves in the right way in order to reach out to the right people.